In a Coma​[​EP]

by Smile a Velociraptor

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Альбом представляет собой серию повествований о душевнобольных людях, чей недуг провоцирует в их мыслях разнообразные видения, не позволяющие их разуму провести грань между реальностью и тем миром, что за гранью обыденного.


released November 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Smile a Velociraptor Glazov, Russia

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Track Name: Subconscious Chaos
Leave me with the hope of life
Get my life and
Enjoy this full
Take my life and go
you broke the boundary between the worlds

Now we all have to suffer for you
Take it if you so need

You decaying messenger of hell
Save your rebuke
put out the lights glowing hearts life

fear of absorbing the whole world
Track Name: Clouded Mind
clouded mind
I never cease to convince me to my death
I want to get away from all the problems
Oh my God

A wave of pain comes with a bang
When current passes through my head
I want to cut out a skull and pull out from the back pain

God motherfucker
Why do not you help me?
what the fuck
I do can`t tolerate mockery geeks

Fuck you
Track Name: Faceless Destroyer
Slay your enemies.
Crucify their bodies
Then the true face of the world you will

You're a warrior, he must say goodbye to compassion.
Faceless Destroyer himself directs your hand.
For all the pain that you've caused something you

Years of pain that you have caused you turn in retaliation.
Your job is right, you people repay the same coin.

And even if this mission will be bloody.
The reward for her purity of soul will be.
And all the sinners will go wherever earned.
Track Name: I Still Alive
I still alive
despite the fact that tortures suffered my body
memories in my mind will not let me live in peace
blood clots fill my eyes
and I'm moving to the target

all people accuse me of their sins
denying everything positive that I gave them
my eyes are ready to burst from evil
and I go
in his fucking lair
I'm still alive (x3)
it's just a game among people
but they did not win again
blood on the walls of the city
Track Name: In a Coma
Alive to take the demons
live take impostors
Your insides will not hide the black skillful makeup and mask.

Hell sons pouring lead madness and fear,
are blind to the gate where all become dust.

In a coma ugliness programmed mind there is no life,

only there is a war for survival.
All are like theater actors
where the viewer death itself energized suffering.
There will be blood on the walls of your palace,
purple color changes

recall that you have forgotten the commandment of the creators.
It is an illusion to believe in their limitless power
Track Name: Punitive Machine
From the cradle to the grave carry a stale bread blind resentment.
Completed nerve cells hypnosis airtime, pacemaker - whether in service, any step of the way and you're an outcast, target of repressive - punitive machine.
Caught narcissism and selfishness will take the black water,
unfinished traitors repentance letter.
Roasting fear - introducing drug dependent constantly fly into nirvana with a field of dead flowers .Chey color saturates the death of new victims of dead blood. Wolves host city of the underworld is not the law of the Vedas. Looking out the windows of the cells of apartments, want to believe that all this darkness will fly away crows.